Traveling to Aruba


The Caribbean has a soft spot in my heart with its crystal clear, blue water, soft sand, and warm breezes.  If you have the opportunity to book an all inclusive resort in Aruba or take a cruise and visit Aruba as your port for the day, you’re going to have an incredible time.  Let me tell you a little bit about the beautiful island of Aruba.

Why should you travel to Aruba? The weather is great, year round!  Aruba is located south of the hurricane belt which means that it rarely rains for extended periods. The climate is mostly dry and doesn’t allow for a lot of vegetation. Constant trade winds cool the island and the temperature is about 82 degrees Fahrenheit  year round. This sounds incredible, right?  Let me tell you more…

The beaches of Aruba are widely considered to be among the cleanest, widest, and most spectacular in the Caribbean region. An Aruba beach typically consists of powder-fine, white-sand, perfect for soaking up the Caribbean sun.  And speaking of that sun, well in Aruba, you’re a mere 12 degrees north of the equator, so it will be INTENSE.  Bring and USE sunscreen everywhere and reapply.  You’ll enjoy the rest of your vacation if you do.  (You’re welcome for that tip)

There are a lot of activities for tourists like water sports, day trips, tours, cruises, places to take the kids, night life and incredible restaurants!

Locals are very friendly and helpful.  Many tourists list this as their number one reason for coming back to Aruba.  It’s easy to interact with the locals as English is spoken everywhere, by everyone.


Are you visiting Aruba on your honeymoon?  Or are you having a destination wedding on Aruba? How wonderful!  You can relax and unwind on one of the many beaches after your ceremony and just relax and enjoy the beginnings of your married life.  There is no better place to enjoy those moments.

Whatever your reason for traveling to Aruba, you are bound to have the most wonderful, relaxing, adventurous and educational time while there.  I’m also pretty confident that you will return to Aruba someday in the future.  Why?  Because you will want to relive your past memories and make some new ones there in the future.

Aruba’s slogan says it all “ARUBA…One Happy Island”  Go off and enjoy Aruba!  Please comment below if you’ve experienced the joy of visiting Aruba in the past.

If you’d like some information for all inclusive resorts in Aruba, please contact Coral for FREE quotes today!  September and October are typically less expensive months to travel…remember…the weather is great year round in Aruba!!

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Disney World Room Gift Ideas!

Room Gift Disney, Coral Joy Travel Agent

Do you want to surprise someone with a room gift at Disney World?  Are you taking a Walt Disney World trip soon and someone in your party is celebrating something special?  A birthday?  A honeymoon? An anniversary? Christmas? Valentine's Day?  You get the idea... Disney has a great option for you to take advantage of, if you want the extra pixie dust added to your vacation without any hassle from you.

It's called Disney's In Room Celebrations and Gifts.  For me, it's a great way to have a little more magic added to your vacation.  Last year, my family went to Walt Disney World for a week and celebrated Christmas there too.  Before I traveled, I ordered the Disney Family Treats Tote -Mickey Christmas (click here)–   I chose the date I wanted it delivered to our Disney Resort (we were staying at Coronado Springs at the time) and it was waiting for us to surprise the kids after our first day at the parks.  Those snacks and drinks and treats kept my kids' tummies happy for those rumbly times at the resort hotels.  We even had plenty to bring home with us too.  The best part with that choice was the fact that I had an extra bag to fill at the end of the trip.  We always seem to go home with more than we came down with.  Now, whenever I see that bag, it fills me with our fun memories from our Christmas 2014 trip.  Absolutely worth every penny, for me.

As a FREE, full service travel agent, I can make these reservations, orders, purchases for you.  That's what I love to do.  It's honestly my pleasure to work with you, for your next vacation.  I am here to help, and here to inform.

So, the next time you're heading to Walt Disney World celebrating something special, remember you can always add a little more magic to your vacation with a Disney In-Room Celebration Gift!

Attached is the link to show you what is available now!

Disney Room Gift

Touring Italy with Adventures By Disney

Italy__Amalfi_Coast___Tuscany_-_8_Days_7_Nights___Disney_Travel_AgentsEveryone that loves to travel has a bucket list of places in the world they'd like to visit while they still can enjoy it.  My list is lengthy, but very high on my list is Italy.  Taking a tour is a great way to see more of the destination you're travelling to.  Adventures By Disney has many different tours all across the world, but the three I'm focusing on today are in Italy.  Ahhh, Italy, with it's wine, cheeses and olives...Italy with it's fresh homemade pasta... Italy, with it's history and architecture.  Italy.

If you have Italy on your bucket list as I do, take a moment to look at the three tours Adventures By Disney offers its guests. I have designed an online brochure to help you view these three tours offered by Adventures By Disney. On every tour you will have two Adventures By Disney Guides and one local guide to the area.  You will be immersed with hands on, behind the scenes, VIP tours that will be the highlights of your vacation.

I will be taking an Adventures By Disney tour soon, I cannot wait to share which one my family chooses first!  Take a peek, it's FREE to look 🙂 The Disney value and the memories made and experienced are worth every penny.

Click on this online brochure to learn more:

As always, Coral Joy Travel's planning services are FREE to use.


Reuse your old MagicBands!


Do you have MagicBands from previous Disney vacations? Do you wish that you could opt out of receiving additional MagicBands on future visits? Guess what? Good news! Now you can!

Before, if you had a room reservation you would automatically be forced to receive MagicBands, whether you needed them or not. This happened with split stays. (You’d get a new set of MagicBands for each resort you’d be staying in during your trip.) Many people wished to have the opportunity to opt out of receiving subsequent MagicBands.

Now, Walt Disney World Resort guests are able to choose to “opt out” of customizing and receiving a new MagicBand if they already have a MagicBand from a previous visit linked to their account on My Disney Experience. (This can only be done if the existing MagicBand is less than 1 year old, as MagicBands operational lifespan is limited and MagicBands have non-replaceable batteries in them.)

Also, guests with more than one reservation during the same visit will only receive one MagicBand for the whole visit if they do not customize a MagicBand for the second reservation.

To opt out, guests can manage their MagicBand preferences through the ‘Customize Your MagicBand’ section on their My Disney Experience account by either declining a new MagicBand if they prefer to use an existing one. If you’re concerned your MagicBand battery may be too low, you can always get a new customized MagicBand and can recycle your old bands at customer service stations.

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An Outdoor Adventure at Norwalk, CT


Today my family headed over to Norwalk, CT to enjoy the beaches, seafood and sunshine.  For us, it’s just about one hour away.

So it was  another weekend outdoor adventure for the O’Buckley family.  When I closed my eyes, I pretended that I was on an island in the Caribbean.  We have traveled to many different islands and explored many beaches on the Caribbean.  The snorkeling up north, not worth it, but snorkeling down in the Caribbean can be unbelievable.

Oops, I just got a little carried away reminiscing about our previous vacations.  Memories are the best.   Today’s adventure was exceptional as well.  Look around your hometown, see what is close by and explore it sometime.  I know you’ll learn something new and, just maybe, you’ll LOVE it too!

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5 more…


..months until Christmas is officially here.  Five!  That's not a long time away.  Our family celebrated Christmas day in Walt Disney World last year and had a blast!  Being the planner Mom that I am, I had a mini artificial Christmas tree sent to Coronado Springs prior to our arrival.  Sure enough it was there waiting for us.  We set it up in our room right in front of our window.  Our tree topper was a mickey hat.  Celebrating anything in Walt Disney World is magical, but Christmas...oh was amazing.

I would love to plan your next trip to Disney especially if you are thinking about planning for this 2015 Holiday season.  The time to start is now.

The Holiday seasons are just around the FREE travel planning services are available to anyone needing help.  Contact me:

cropped-IMG_1716.jpg(This is a photo taken at Disney's Hollywood Studios Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights  12/24/15)

Walt Disney World… Where Memories are Made!

Walt Disney World resort is a FAVORITE of mine (and everyone else in my family).  We all "let go" and relax and enjoy the rides, the sites, the sounds and the thrill of the four theme parks.  It was (and continues to be) masterfully designed and focuses on everyones needs, both children and adult.

I'd invite you learn a little bit more about this incredible resort nestled in Orlando, Florida.  Maybe you are a Disney addict and know a lot about the parks, but you can learn a little bit more about me and what I can offer you too.  My FREE travel services are concierge level from the moment you book a trip to the moment you step foot back into your home.  I am here for you to answer EVERY question you might have.  You have nothing to lose, and A LOT to gain!

Click the link below to watch videos and read a little bit about the Walt Disney World" alt="incredible Walt Disney World">incredible Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.


Happy that it’s Friday!

The weekend is so close, I can almost taste it.  Although we have work on the weekends, our family unit is back together which makes me happy!

What are your plans this weekend?  I think we are planning on taking another bike ride as a family or we’ll pull out our kayaks for a trip around the lake.  Whatever your plans, make it a great weekend!

Go out, try something new and make some memories…Coral Joy Travel…your adventure awaits!

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IMG_2320This is a photo of the boys and I a few years ago in front of Cinderella’s Castle.


Why you should use a travel agent…(and when I wouldn’t recommend it)



(This is a photo on our 2014 vacation to Falmouth, Cape Cod.  I highly recommend the Cape!)

FACT:  We all know that planning a trip is a time-consuming and complicated process. Travel agents simplify this process for their clients.  Speaking for myself, one of the reasons I became a travel agent was because I love planning, organizing and researching vacations.  The former elementary school teacher in me is coming out….I went from lesson planning to vacation planning.  A travel agent can book entire travel packages for families. They may book flights, cruises, rental cars and hotels, as well as resort stays and events.  Full service.  At no cost to you.  ABSOLUTELY FREE.

FACT:  Travel agents do NOT charge customers for their services. Instead their payment comes through hotels and wholesalers, meaning you can tap into a free service.  How great is this?  Honestly, 60% of my clients did not know this before working with me. Do not hesitate to reach out to me.  My job is to work for you.  At no cost to you

I would recommend using a Travel Agent if: 

1. You are planning a group vacation

It’s going to be so much easier to use a travel agent if you have a large party that wants to book the same vacation.  Are you going on a sweet 16 cruise?  How about celebrating your 50th birthday in Bermuda with your extended family?   It is so much easier for one agent to handle all reservations.  Let the travel agent plan, call, organize and prepare you ALL for the best group vacation.  Oftentimes travel agents can get great rates for groups as well.  ONE person can book.  No headaches for anyone traveling.  Peace of mind.

2. For travel outside of the USA

Planning to travel somewhere out of the country?  Have you never been there before?  Book through a travel agent. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.  When you use an agent to travel abroad, you’ll be able to ask tons of questions,  and your agent will gather all the information you’ll need to ensure an incredible vacation filled with memories.  Again, all of these services do not cost you a penny.  Peace of mind.

3.  Not sure where you want to travel to?

So you have money set aside for a vacation, but you really don’t know where you want to go?  A travel agent can help you pinpoint a great trip that would be just right for you and can steer you in the right direction:  (beach town?, all-inclusive?, non-touristy?, family friendly?) The best part is, when you start working with the same agent for all of your vacations, over time they become familiar with you and your needs.  That makes it easier for the agent to continue helping you pick out great destinations you’ll enjoy. Peace of mind.

There are some times I would not recommend using a travel agent:

1. If  you’re just booking airline tickets

So you are just going to visit your brother and his family in Wisconsin  and all you need are the flights out there? With all of the discount flight sites available, it’s usually easier, and practically the same price, to just book it yourself.  You can do it!

2. You’re redeeming your rewards miles

Travel agents aren’t able to use your points or rewards card miles to book a flight or hotel for you—you’ll have to book on your own if you’d like to use them.   I know of a lot of executives who travel frequently and accumulate a lot of these points.  Those miles and points are great, but know that you’ll have to book hotels and flights on your own.  You can do it!

To sum it all up…

Other than those two reasons, I would ALWAYS recommend using a travel agent to book your next vacation.  Whether it’s a family trip to Walt Disney World or a cruise to the Caribbean, a travel agent, specifically Coral Joy Travel, will bend over backwards to plan, research and organize your next vacation and you will be filled with a lifetime of memories.

When you’re ready, email me at to let me help you plan your next vacation.  Let me take all the stress of planning away from you.  It’s what I love to do.  I’m here for you.

Coral Joy Travel…Your Adventure Awaits!


Some Tips for a Walt Disney World Vacation!

Disney World Tips:  So, you're heading to Walt Disney World?  Congratulations!!  Here are a few tips that I share with my first time clients before heading out to the "World".

Organize (or at least let me help you organize) An organized trip prior to leaving home will make your Walt Disney World experience a breeze.  You might like to do it yourself, but if you don't have the time or want the stress, have Coral Joy Travel help you with the organizing of your Walt Disney World trip.  It's what I LOVE to do!

Plan (again, I can do this for you too) Always have a plan, but be willing to be flexible. Whenever I have planned a WDW trip for my family or others, I have a plan in place for each day, concerning ride order, restaurants, parades to attend, etc. However, we have learned that sometimes the plans need to change and it’s important to be flexible with the needs of the family and tweek things if necessary. You don’t want to be disappointed, tired, sad, cranky or sick at Disney. Being organized with a plan will help with that.

Make Advanced Reservations (or allow your Disney specialized travel agent to do that for you) If you know you'll be eating at the parks have reservations made in advance.  If you are a resort guest, I can reserve your spots 180 days in advance, or you could do that if you'd prefer.

Reserve your Fastpass+ If you're staying at a Disney resort, you (or your Disney specialized travel agent) can reserve fastpass+ for top rides 60 days in advance.  If you are staying off property, it's 30 days in advance.  Don't waste your time doing this at the parks. If you plan, all of this can be done online, or on your mobile device.

Prepare for Lunch Since you can't reserve quick service restaurants, know which ones would be best fit for you and make sure you're close to them during the lunch hours (If you would like a less busy quick service lunch, show up early at 11:30 or a little later 1:30)

Footwear Wear sneakers, or at least older broken in shoes. You’re going to be on your feet all day long, walking a lot. Treat your feet kindly. And also, just in case it happens, bring along blister bandaids, baby powder, and odor eater (if you have stinky teenage boy feet joining you!). We need to be kind to our tootsies. IF they aren’t happy, you won’t be happy. Go prepared!

Ziplok Baggies Bring ziplok baggies of various sizes to the park. You never know when you might need to use one. If it rains, you have a little bit more protection. We’ve been happy to have had our ziplok baggies while riding on Kali River Rapids. We had a few extra and shared them with our boatmates…perfect pixie dust gift and it doesn’t take up any space! We also use the ziploks in our luggage to organize toiletries, etc.

Bring your smile. observe.  everything.  all around you.  soak in the energy and the joy. you're at the happiest place on Earth.  If you have young kids, plan around their schedules.  They're going to be tired, as will you.  Take a little break midway through the day to take a dip at the pool.  Return later in the night again.  Bring that smile.

Remember, this is a trip that you and your family will remember for a lifetime.  These memories (all of them!) will be cherished forever.  I'm sure I'll have more tips to add, but these are ones that I'd highlight for first timers!


Disney, Walt Disney World, Coral Joy Travel

Here is a photo of my sons waiting for a bus at the Coronado Springs Resort this past December 2015.  Even during Christmas week, we had a blast hitting all of our favorite rides, parades, restaurants and even found time to swim!