Orlando Florida Fun


Coral Joy Travel is heading off to Florida for the next week to learn and play; to better serve my Orlando Forida clients.  I am typing this in flight…thank you www.jetblue.com for the in flight wifi. You make flying a joy for myself and my family.

Upon arrival, we are heading to www.seaworld.com where we will test out their incredible rollercoasters and shows.  Sea World has done a lot to change for the better concerning not only the environment, but the marine life as well.  I’ll repeat, it’s changed for the better.  If you haven’t gone before, I’d highly recommend it.  Our family visited last year and was pleasantly surprised.  Check back for some in park photos…

Enjoy the rest of your day…it’s 12:15pm, August 28, 2015, we anticipate our arrival in about 30 minutes…

Coral Joy Travel…OUR Adventure Awaits!


Great Travel Deal for the Dominican Republic!

Hello Coral Joy Travel Followers!   Here is my Wednesday Travel Deal for the Week!
If you have the flexibility, this might just be the opportunity for you or someone you know to take advantage of.  Contact me at coralo@magicalworldvacations.com today for more information.
Dominican Republic
4 nights from
Paradisus Palma Real Resort

INCLUDES 4 nights, Paradisus Palma Real Resort, all-inclusive & hotel transfers. BONUS save up to 46%. myTime Select EXCLUSIVE $2000 resort credit & more. BLUE LIST DEAL includes all hotel inclusions listed above PLUS $99 bonus commission per airline ticket!* Must Call To Book! Airfare additional.
(restrictions apply)

Book By: 

September 1, 2015
Travel Period: 

November 16, 2015 to November 20, 2015
~Your Adventure Awaits!~

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Coral Joy Travel to Plan Your Next Vacation!

Coral Joy Travel is here to make your next vacation a breeze…and it doesn’t cost an extra penny!

Epcot, Coral Joy Travel

It’s so important for me to share with you, my potential clients, what I can offer you as your dependable travel agent.

 Yes, anybody can plan a trip.  I have done it all of my life, but having a trustworthy and dedicated travel agent (an actual person, not an online entity) by your side throughout your trip is something different.

What sets Coral Joy Travel apart from other online travel agencies?

  1. I do not charge clients for my services.   All of my services are free for my clients.  With my hard work and time getting you quotes and planning for your potential trip, I hope that you see how dedicated I am to you and would consider using my services, however this is ultimately up to you.  Just so you know, I am paid through the hotels and resorts that my clients travel to.  Some agencies charge a fee for their time making quotes and plans, but I do not.  I am a mother, and a very frugal lady…any way I can save you money, I will.
  2. I save you time.  Yes, time is very precious.  I know, you know.  When you are done with work for the day, and you know you have to plan a trip, but don’t know where to start, I can save you hours and hours of frustration…and YOU can do whatever you want to do with that time while I plan for you.  I have great resources, I know many destinations and I know where to get the best deals.  Let me help you…at no cost to you…all saving you precious time!
  3. I have specialized expertise!  I have a lot of experience traveling to Walt Disney World, the Caribbean, Cruising on different lines…this is all to your advantage.  I am also a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge, and a Go Go Vacations Certified Travel Planner.  I am constantly reading travel blogs to keep up to date on the latest information to help myself and my clients.  If I haven’t traveled to a destination, I research everything I can about it to practically be there myself.
  4. I babysit your reservations.  I always do this for my clients, but most travel agents do not.  If I find a better rate, I will work to modify your reservation.  Why?  Because I want to save you money.  I take great pleasure and pride in finding the best deals for my clients.  It makes me happy.
  5. I work as your troubleshooter.  While you’re on vacation, if something goes wrong and you don’t know what to do, CALL ME!!  This is why I always share my cell phone number!  It’s what I am here for!  I have connections and will work for you, so YOU can relax and enjoy the rest of your stay.
  6. Dependable and Trustworthy.  If I have not had the pleasure of working with you yet, you are in for a treat.  I am a very dependable travel agent.  Always here and ready to answer your phone calls or emails to help you out in any way that you may need.  You can depend on me.  I am also very trustworthy.  As soon as my client shares their private information with me, whether it’s birthdates (sometimes that’s hard to share!), or credit card information, I let them know that their information is secure and safe with me.  As soon as I use their information with my suppliers, I shred it immediately.  I do not keep your credit card information with me after I use it.  As a business owner for over 11 years, I know how important it is to keep my clients information safe and secure.
  7. Building long term relationships.  I became a travel agent to get to know my clients’ wants and needs.  I want to watch your families grow and learn to love and appreciate travel through your reviews and photos!  I am here to work with you and for you, sharing all of my insights and tricks and tips with you along the way.  I am a very passionate travel agent, and I love sharing my expertise with my clients.  It’s my goal to work with you again and again…and in order to do that, I will work for you as I would want someone to work for me.  We learn so much about each other along the way, like family.
  8. Willing to go the extra mile.   My ultimate goal is to work on creating trips catered for each clients’ needs.  I work hard.  I work tirelessly long hours to ensure this.  Why?  Because it is the travel agent that I am.  I will not stop working for you until you are beyond impressed and satisfied.   I am a hard working agent.  Trust me, you want me on your side.  I will deliver.  I aim to satisfy.  I always go the extra mile for my clients.  Not all travel agents will or can do this for you, but Coral Joy Travel always does.
  9. I listen.  I listen to my clients’ needs, wants, desires and price range.  If you have a budget you’d like to keep your travel close to, I’ll share options all available options.  If you know that you want to travel to the Caribbean, but don’t know what island to stay at, I will share my recommendations and knowledge from a consumers point of view.  If you want to travel to Paris, but don’t know where to start, I am here for you!  I am here to make and plan an unforgettable trip for you.  I listen to you.  I will respond to you.  I am here, for you.  I listen.
  10. Passionate.   I can’t express enough how passionate I am about planning travel.  Creating an itinerary that is exactly what your family wants and needs is my priority.  I love creating travel plans that will create beautiful memories for your family.  Ultimately, this is my greatest priority, creating lasting memories from a vacation you’ve only dreamed of.  With my passion for travel planning, I can make this dream of travel a reality.

If you want a positive, dependable, passionate travel agent who you can trust, look no further.  You’ve found Coral Joy Travel, you’re in luck.

Contact me today:



If you know of someone who is wanting to travel and you feel they could benefit from my planning services, please, I’d encourage you to share my information with them or click on the Facebook link below and share this blog article online.  Sharing in social media outlets will help clients learn about what Coral Joy Travel can offer them.  Click the links below to share!


~Your Adventure Awaits!~

Riviera Maya, Mexico


” Attention…Coral Joy Travel Customers…” Every Wednesday, my incredible supplier for all inclusives, Go Go Vacations, offers great specials that are available for one week.  They call it the Blue List Special.  I immediately think of Kmart and their Blue Light Special…so here is my first offer I am sharing with you all:

This week’s BLUE LIST SPECIAL is for a beautiful resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico at the relaxing All Inclusive Resort:

Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla 
(the reviews for this are spectacular!)

INCLUDES 4 nights, Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla, all-inclusive, adults-only & hotel transfers. myTime Select EXCLUSIVE $2000 resort credit & more. (4 nights from $845*)

Book By: August 25, 2015

Travel Period: October 1, 2015 to October 5, 2015
(*restrictions apply)

Sometimes you have the flexibility, sometimes not…but if you do and you’re interested in relishing in the beauty of Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla in Mexico let me know.  Together we can make spectacular travel with great rates happen.  I promise!

IF you would like more information contact me today via email coralo@magicalworldvacations.com and I can look into a free quote for you!  You pay me no pennies, I prepare a great trip for you…sound good to you?

Also, if you know of anyone that might be interested in this travel deal or travel in general, please consider sharing my information with them.  Thanks for helping grow my business!




Pre-Vacation Excitement (aka PVE)


Let the countdown begin!  Have you ever had the feeling of delightful anticipation when you are patiently waiting for your vacation to come?  To me, that's full-on pre vacation excitement.  I love counting down to vacations.  Do you?  I sometimes wonder if I'm alone in that, but can't imagine I am completely alone.  There must be others who are bursting with as much excitement as me.

Our family has been patiently waiting for our summer holiday vacation.  We often venture to our favorite island, Hilton Head Island in South Carolina or Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but this summer we are heading down to our favorite land of adventure and magic...we'll hit Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios.  It's going to be so amazing, I am filled with PVE (I love acronyms...so "pre vacation excitement" now will be referred to as PVE in this article..you're welcome).

In just over a week my family and I will be in Florida.   I know, Florida in August?  We are nuts, right?  We LOVE it.  Bring on the heat, bring on the humidity...bring on the stank.  There's nothing better than visiting these three awesome hot spots in Florida in late August.  Yes, it is hot and humid, but most kids from the southern states are already back to school, so the parks are quieter than in the earlier summer months!  Score one for the O'Buckley's!  I like to feel as if I'm melting too..it makes me appreciate pools and air conditioning so much more.

So not only is my PVE skyscraper high, my family's PVE is as well.  My two sons cannot wait for this trip either,  although they know that they'll be starting school a few days after our return home.  At least they'll have made some incredible memories right before starting school.

So, I will work with my PVE positively.  I will focus and plan and prepare and pack for our vacation and use my PVE to its fullest.  Keeping a positive spirit is certainly good for me, I like this pre vacation excitement...

Our Adventure Awaits...


Shanghai Disneyland, Coming Soon!


Disney is ever expanding and growing, which is very exciting.  In early spring of 2016, the newest Disney theme park, Shanghai Disneyland, will be open to the crowds of China for the very first time.  There will be six lands, some of them familiar and some of them new!

Instead of walking down Main Street when you enter the Shanghai Disneyland park, you will be walking down Mickey Avenue.  There you will be greeted by characters, walk through the shops, boutiques and restaurants that are all themed on a different Disney character.  It's a great way to get to know a little bit more about each of these iconic Disney characters.  I love that it will have a unique, yet similar feel walking through this avenue...and the vision of the Enchanted Storybook Castle at the end will be simply impressive! And while I'm talking about the castle...oh my goodness...it's the LARGEST Disney castle ever constructed and is the most interactive yet!

There will be six themed lands at the Shanghai Disneyland Theme Park:   Adventure Isle, Gardens of Imagination, Mickey Avenue, Tomorrowland, Treasure Cove and Fantasyland, with the Enchanted Storybook Castle.

Some of these may sound familiar, but a few are new to Shanghai!  At Treasure Cove, you will be immersed in the Pirates of the Caribbean theme and will feel as though YOU are a part of the Battle of the Sunken Treasure.  Good luck getting out of that land alive, matey's.  (I promise, it's all safe!)

While at Adventure Isle, you'll be captivated by the Roaring Rapids Mountain...I hear there may be a dangerous beast lurking around that mountain...I wanted to warn you about that just in case you decided to take an adventure there someday.  The craftsmanship and detail that Disney provides any ride or attraction is beyond top notch.  This mountain will definitely showcase the eye for details.

Venture off to Tomorrowland, and you'll see the world premier ride: TRON Lightcycle Run Rollercoaster.  It's going to be an incredible, fast ride with thrilling adventure... one that you won't want to miss!

My family and I will be visiting Shanghai Disneyland in 2016 and I cannot wait to share our photographs and experiences with you!  We cannot wait!

Take a peak at this link below to read a little more about what's happening at Shanghai Disneyland now and what will be coming very soon...


logoCoral Joy Travel...Your Adventure Awaits! As always, I'm here to help plan your next adventure for NO COST TO YOU.

All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation! HOT DEAL!

Guess what I found out today?  This incredible resort in the Dominican Republic is having a special deal for certain travel dates.  Have you always wanted to explore an all inclusive resort, but were concerned about the prices, or how to go about booking it?  Have no fear, Coral Joy is here!  Traveling to the Dominican Republic is a great way to explore an all inclusive resort without breaking the bank and at the same time having A BLAST!!

Take a peek at the special below and if you’re interested in hearing a little more, email me, I can whip up a quote for you in no time!  Relax, you don’t pay me a penny for my services!

Dominican Republic: 4 nights from $625* The Level at Melia Caribe Tropical. Includes: 4 nights, all inclusive, hotel transfers to and from airport. Bonus: welcome drinks, concierge planning, resort credit. Airfare additional.

Book by: 8/31/15 Travel period: 11/16/15-11/20/15…it’s a great deal!

Amazing reviews! Contact me for a FREE quote today.


(*quotes are based on availability and are subject to change)


Many Reasons to Travel…


Everyone has a different reason to travel.  Some of us want to travel to take an adventure.  Some of us want to experience a new culture.  Some of us want to be pampered.  Some of us just want to relax and unwind.  Some of us want to party.  Whatever your reason to travel is, I am here to make that happen for you.  For no fee to you (and no additional costs!), I will plan, research and prepare your trip for you so you don’t have to take the time and energy necessary to do it yourself.  Time is precious.  I understand that.  Let me help you plan for your next trip.  Researching and planning for travel are my strengths.  I am here for you.

Your adventure awaits…coralo@magicalworldvacations.com click here and email me (CORAL) today and let me know where you’d like to travel to next!

8 Places to Visit in Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont. Beautiful Burlington. Farm fresh, Quality, Local, Peace and Love…

Burlington, Vermont, Coral Joy Travel

The best months to visit Burlington, Vermont are from May – October, if you love enjoying the warm(er) temperatures and lush foliage. If you are an avid skier or snowboarder, your best months to visit are late November- early April! In my opinion, it’s always the “right” time to visit Burlington. You just need to be prepared.  Here are a list of 8 great places to visit while traveling in and around Burlington, Vermont.

1. There really is something for everyone and for every age in Burlington. If you love the arts, you need to visit during a great show at the Flynn Theater. http://www.flynncenter.org They always have something new and fresh playing throughout the year. It’s such a popular destination to locals and visitors alike.

2.  If you are into history and hands on experiences, head to Shelburne Museum. This is an incredible museum to view diverse folk art, paintings, quilts and textiles and New England history: https://shelburnemuseum.org Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy visiting on a beautiful day. The attractions are geared for all ages. You can easily spend a full day at this museum.

3.  While you’re in the area, go off and visit this 1,400 acre working, hands on farm called Shelburne Farms. The little ones will love picking up the chickens, picking eggs for the staff and checking out the furry friends at this sustainable farm. http://www.shelburnefarms.org/about Shelburne Farms is fun for all, but mostly for teaching children and adults to respect and care for our beautiful land.

4.  Church Street Market place is ALWAYS a happening place to be…especially in the summer months. This is a pedestrian only shopping and dining outdoor “mall” where street vendors and musicians play for you as you walk, shop and talk. This street really is the heart of the restaurant/entertainment district in Burlington. Church Street has over 100 shops and restaurants and is a huge draw in downtown Burlington. http://www.churchstmarketplace.com

5.  Are you a fan of locally crafted beer? Then look no further than The Magic Hat Brewing Company. Located just south of Burlington, you will find this top rated local brewing gem. Guided tours are offered year-round in the afternoons, but you can always take a self-guided tour during factory hours. The best part is that both itineraries of the tour are FREE and include complimentary beer tastings for those over 21 years of age of course! http://www.magichat.net/visit/ Magic Hat is always a “must do” for beer lovers, or for beer lovers wives (if you’re like me).

6.  Do you have young kiddos? Then head on down to Lake Champlain’s waterfront and visit the local science aquarium, ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center. This is a hands-on learning experience for all ages. You will learn about life in the lake, ecology, and learn about fish and their habitats, as well as so much more. You will not be disappointed…many of the attractions are geared for younger, hands on kiddos…they’ll love it here too! http://www.echovermont.org

7.  While you’re down by Lake Champlain, make sure you visit the bike path. Either rent bikes right downtown, or bring your own to use to ride, walk or run alongside the beautiful Lake Champlain. You can even cool off and take a dip at the local beach just a mile or so north on the bike path. It’s such a beautiful bike path to enjoy in the summer and fall months. Especially during peak foliage season!! Beautiful!!

8.  Why else should you visit Burlington, Vermont??? Why for the dining of course! There are so many great places to choose from, so make sure you stay for at least a few days, so you can try many different locally owned, and farm fresh restaurants in the area. If you’re wanting a fine dining experience, my all time favorite spot is The Tratoria Delia… http://www.trattoriadelia.com We would frequent this quaint spot for anniversary’s or to celebrate something special. I’ve had many an escargot here and many filets…because they were that good and they just keep getting better! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

I might be a little partial to Vermont…I did live there over 11 years. I started my family there at Fletcher Allen Health Care Hospital, right next to the beautiful University of Vermont…all located in Burlington, Vermont. I do have wonderful memories of Vermont. I hope that you, too, can someday experience all that Burlington has to offer. It might be a small city, but it powerfully packs a punch in all that it offers!


Go explore Burlington someday…your adventure awaits!

Take Some Time For Disney Aulani, Hawaii

Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa in Ko Olina, Hawaii, is offering a great incentive for families who want to travel and relax to this beautiful tropical paradise.  If you are thinking or have ever thought of visiting Aulani, take a peek at this offer and if you're further interested, let me help you get a quote for free.  Maybe Aulani is just around the corner after all!Aulani_Fall_Offer_Stay_Longer_and_Save_More____Disney_Travel_Agents

This winter you can save 30% on stays of 5 nights or more, or 25% on 4-nights at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawai‘i! For stays most nights Jan. 4 - March 17, 2016. And, if you book by 9/28/15, you’ll receive a free meal at Ulu Café per person each day of your stay: http://bit.ly/1gt1L4X

This really is a great offer.  Escape from the winter blues, enjoy some great savings, relax and unwind, and enjoy a free meal everyday for everyone in your party!!  I LOVE a great deal!  Don't you?

Disney knows how to provide every customer/client with the ultimate, quality of service.   This customer service is what sets the Disney company apart from any other.  This quality of service is what I model my travel agency planning after.  Thank you Disney for inspiring me to always challenge myself, and work harder each and every day to make someone else's day/vacation more incredible than the last.

Email me at coralo@magicalworldvacations.com, and let me send you an Aulani resort quote today.  It's time to dive into the culture and charm of Hawaii.  I'm here to help....your adventure awaits!