Are you newly engaged, or do you know someone who is?

Being engaged is so exciting, especially for us ladies (I might be a little biased).  Planning for a wedding is exciting, stressful, fun, exhausting and exhilarating.  It’s a lot more than that too, but for the sake of moving on to the point of this article, I will stop with the adjectives.

imagesWeddings are wonderful, but after that wedding most couples decide to either immediately or soon after take some time for themselves. The honeymoon.

The etymology of the word comes from the Old English “hony moone.” Hony, a reference to honey, refers to the “indefinite period of tenderness and pleasure experienced by a newly wed couple,” and how sweet the new marriage is. Moone, meanwhile, refers to the fleeting amount of time that sweetness would last. While honeymoon has a positive connotation today, it was first used as a term to warn newlyweds about waning love.

images (1)“Honeymoon,” also has origins that date back to the fifth century “was the month after a wedding, when the bride’s father would give the groom all the mead he wanted. Mead is a honey beer while the Babylon calendar was a lunar calendar. The Babylonians started calling the month the “honey month” but we now call it a “honeymoon” (—Rashmi Jain, Greater Noida). I quite doubt that this tradition of serving “beer” to the groom for a month continues in most families, but the aspect of enjoying travel with your new spouse certainly does.  Thus, the honeymoon.

arubaIf you are newly engaged (or know someone who is) and would like some help planning your honeymoon, please contact me!  All of my services are FREE and I love LOVE.  Oh, yes I do!  I’m a 17+year happily married travel agent.  Seriously, planning a wedding is exhausting work, let a travel professional plan your honeymoon for you…just the way you want it.

I have planned many all inclusive trips for newlyweds to the Caribbean, and I’ve also planned more adventurous trips to the Mayan Ruins and even Costa Rica.  It all depends on your combined wants and needs as a couple.


I work with your budgets and make your honeymoon extra special.  Trust me, you’ll be happy you chose me (Coral) to plan your honeymoon.


Contact me today and I would love to hear about your thoughts of places you’d like to visit on your honeymoon.  Trust me, this will be a fun vacation.  Your adventure, most certainly, awaits!  keyword: honeymoon




Where Do You LOVE To Travel?

IMG_3268We all have our favorite places to travel to.  Most often these are the places we travel to the most.  Maybe it's your hometown, a local beach, a favorite state, the caribbean...whatever or wherever it may be, you love this place for a reason.  It must make your heart sing.  You must feel good, feel free, feel adventurous, feel happy, feel relaxed at this place.  Close your eyes for a moment and see it, visualize your favorite travel destination.  What does it smell like and look like?  Feels good, doesn't it?


Traveling to our favorite destinations does wonders for our souls.  Even if you can't be there every moment, you can at least visualize and feel its presence for the moment, or take a peak at old photos of you at that special place.  Make your heart sing.  Enjoy the memories.  Travel.


~Your Adventure Awaits~



You Want to Go to Walt Disney World?


Are you thinking about going to Walt Disney World?  How fantastic!  In my opinion, it's the happiest place on Earth.  You will smile, you will feel carefree, you will relax and feel like a kid again.  It's pretty awesome.  Parent, you can ride rides!!  It's so much fun!  BUT, do you feel overwhelmed?  Where do you start when you know you are going to Walt Disney World?  There are so many places to stay, so many ticket options, so many restaurants, Memory Maker, Magical Express, Character Dining and Fastpass +?  What does it all mean? How much will it cost? RELAX...

Walt Disney
Walt Disney World" src="" alt="Magic Kingdom" width="605" height="807" /> Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom

I've got this.  The most important suggestion I would give anyone is to use a specialized disney travel agent because we are all certified and trained with the latest Disney knowledge.  We've taken classes, we've been to the parks multiple times, we've experienced special events, dining, characters, monorails, resorts big and small and we just KNOW Disney.  Like Elsa from Frozen, I say to you "Let it go, Let it go..." Relax, your Bla, Bla, Bla travel agent has "got this" for you!


If you contact me, Coral, I will ease you from every step of the process.  Relax, you don't need to spend a ton of money to go to Disney World...take a peek at my pinterest page for Coral Joy Travel...I have a lot of boards dedicated to saving money and planning for Disney  Disney offers three types of resorts: Value, Moderate and Deluxe.  Each one of these resorts offers great benefits.  You can take advantage of the bussing and monorail transportation system, extra magic hours where only resort guests can visit the parks, the Disney dining plan if you want, and you can get your fast passes and dining reservations earlier too!  It makes a lot of sense to stay at Disney if you can!  I will go over all of this with you.



So...if you are thinking about heading to Disney, and I know a lot of you are, reach out to me, Coral, from Coral Joy Travel and Magical World Vacations to help you plan and organize your next trip to Orlando...and remember, the best part is, all of my services are FREE for you or anyone for that matter to use!  Isn't that the greatest gift?  I will do everything for you to make sure this trip is extra magical! Stress free for you, my pleasure for me.  Win, win. Heck, bring your friends and neighbors with you!  (I was so happily surprised when I met my friend down in Disney this past August!!)


Spring break and summer 2016 plans are already starting...reach out to me today.. so you, too, can enjoy these unbelievable Mickey me, they're like nothing you've ever tasted before!  Hoorah for you..YOUR ADVENTURE TO WALT DISNEY WORLD AWAITS!!!

Contact me today for a free quote:

I’m Looking for the Flexible Traveler…Is That You?


As a travel agent, every week I am bombarded with last minute travel deals and vacation packages that are for limited travel periods.  You have probably seen a lot of offers on the internet too.   Oftentimes these are resorts with excess availability and they want to sell out their rooms, so they reduce the rates and get attention from the public (makes a lot of sense, right?).  Unfortunately, not everyone can jump at these opportunities.  Most probably cannot…but those few that can, I call them the “flexible traveler”, they get the deals!  Great deals!  Do you want to see Mexico, the Dominican Republic?  How about Aruba or Bermuda?  You’ll see a lot of those deals around the Caribbean.


Are you a flexible traveler?  Are you able to take a vacation whenever you want?  Lucky you!  If you like to travel, take advantage with an offer from a travel agency.  Why?  Because you will find that agencies have relationships with resorts and tour operators, and most often, we, have the best deals available.  Shop around though, people.  I work with a supplier that is AMAZING…all of my clients who have booked are fully satisfied with the best “deal” or rates they were able to get.


ice-61681-photo.aspx_did=2692_brochureid=61681_publicid=7037297_instanceid=2-imageSo, to all of you flexible traveler’s out there…go off and see the world!  Enjoy, relax, unwind and absorb all the culture! …and be sure to contact me ( you see a last minute special offered that you just can’t resist.  I post all of my special deals on my Facebook page. You can click my Facebook page link on the right column to see what’s currently available.

When I’m a retired wife, I’ll be that flexible traveler alongside my flexible retired husband traveler…until then, I’ll keep booking my spring break vacations and summer vacations!  I’m certainly not going to stop traveling!  Remember, I work with all clients…flexible travelers, retired couples, families, honeymooners…pretty much everyone!

Your Adventure Awaits!


Do You Like to Cruise? If You Haven’t Yet, What’s Stopping You?

IMG_3054Have you ever taken a cruise?  Are you a cruise addict?  Oh boy…as soon as you take one cruise, you are hooked!  I completely relate.  I should say, my family can relate.  We LOVE cruising.  The convenience of EVERYTHING…food, activities, pool, spa, drinking, and relaxing.  Yes, you are floating on the open ocean, and yes, if you think about that it might be a touch overwhelming…so. just. don’t.  Don’t think about it, and you’ll be FINE!  You are perfectly safe on a cruise ship, I mean really, do you know of any floating vessel that has ever sunk?  Oh, okay…I guess I can think of a few…but in all seriousness, it’s super safe, and incredibly fun to cruise with your family or even with a group!


My advice?  Be prepared.  If you think that you might suffer from sea sickness (which was my initial fear as well), be prepared.  Bring ginger chews, bring motion sickness “sea bands”, bring bonine, and while you’re at it, bring the whole pharmacy with you too:  ibuprofen, cold medicine, tums, thermometer, neosporin, bandaids…you want to be prepared after all!  We cruise with an “over the door shoe compartment organizer, where we keep all our meds and goodies…it’s always within reach.  If we had to go to the Doctor on board we could, but we are always prepared for anything just in case!  For me, I NEVER had to use anything for sea sickness.  And I suffer from vertigo.  I was fine and have always been fine!



There isn’t an opportunity, other than cruising, where you can visit 4 or more ports on a 7 + day vacation.  You can explore different countries, islands, destinations…it’s simply amazing.  And the days that you aren’t exploring a port, you are enjoying the vessel.  Each cruise ship is unique.  They offer different dining opportunities, shows, casual events, kids clubs, and more…it’s too much to write about.  And if you want to do something else…just hang out by the pool and read your book, or better yet, go to the spa and have a hot stone massage to relax you during your vacation.  Remember, this is all about YOU.  Relax, unwind, and let go.  Cruising can offer all of this for you.


For my husband and myself, we cannot wait to disembark at all of the ports and explore.  We always have a plan in place and know what and where we are going to do for our limited time.  Our children, however, prefer the “sea days”.  They love to enjoy the amenities of the ship.


Cruising is for everyone and every age.  Single?  Cruise! Dating?  Cruise!  Retired? Cruise!  Family? Cruise!  The best is cruising with your families.  We have enjoyed cruising on two different occasions with our parents.  It was amazing to enjoy and relax the time we had with our parents.


While on the cruise ship, all of your food and non alcoholic drinks are included in your purchase price.  But don’t fear…if you’d like to buy a spa treatment, or a drink not included within your package, you certainly can…just share your room key and they’ll add it to a charge that you’ll get at the end of your cruise.  It’s worth it!  And sometimes, you can even purchase a “drink package” that allows you to enjoy unlimited alcoholic drinks throughout your cruise.  It’s worth it if you’ll use it.


You also can enjoy wonderful productions from the crew.  Oftentimes they are broadway worthy shows, comedians, musicians, and performers.  You’ll be wowed by the expertise of these actors!  Everyone is there to make sure you have the most wonderful, most memorable trip you could ever have.  Cruising is amazing!

Listen, if you haven’t had the opportunity to cruise before, be open to exploring it in the future.  You might be surprised, as I was, how addicting and fun it can be!  For my family, it is a part of our lives.  We will cruise again and again because of all of the extras cruising offers us.


So, if you haven’t cruised yet, give it at least one try.  Just one…and if it’s not for you, then…it’s not.  But…I imagine it will be!  Cruising is amazing…it offers you so much in such a short amount of time.  Reach out to me if you’d like to know more about cruising…I have a ton of information on it. What to bring, things to do, getting prepared.  I’d love to share it with you!

Coral Joy Travel…your cruising adventure awaits!!


Why Use a Disney Earmarked Travel Agent to Plan For Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation?

Walt Disney, Coral Joy Travel
Walt Disney World, Walt, Hollywood Studios

What a great question!  Don't fear, I have the answers for you.  First of all, Walt and I...we're pretty tight. I work for a wonderful company, that is a Disney Earmarked Travel Agency.  What does this mean?  Unlike some other agencies, our agents’ extensive knowledge of the Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort, Disney Cruise Line®, Adventures by Disney, Aulani – a Disney Resort and Spa in Ko Olina, Hawai‘i, Disney Theme Parks, resort hotels, dining, recreation – and other magical amenities – can help you get the most out of your vacation. We're earmarked because we're growing and selling so many Disney vacations and because we follow the rules to all things Disney. Disney's brand is a symbol of quality.  Magical World Vacations has gone above and beyond to maintain this integrity and make our relationship with our clients an extension of that level of excellence. Together, we are quite a team!

  1.  Here I am with my favorite pal, Mickey Mouse.  I know how to have a lot of fun in all the Walt Disney World parks.  Mickey and I are hanging out at one of my favorite character dining experiences, The Tusker House, in Animal Kingdom  Click on this link for more information about the Animal Kingdom park:



2.  I know the ins and outs of Disney.  Want tips and tricks?  Want to know where to go to view the Fireworks?  Want to know what Character dining restaurants are the best for your little lads and ladies?  This is my expertise!  I plan itineraries for families all the time.  Going to Disney World without a plan will make your trip a failure.  I've heard horror stories...families who spend money on Disney trip, without any advance planning or reservations...their trips were horrible.  Who wants to spend 90 minutes waiting to ride Rockin Roller Coaster or Toy Story Mania??  Not me.  With my help in advance planning, you will never have to wait in a long line. I know how to do this for you!  You're in luck!!


3. I know how to keep you cool...literally.  Do you see this frogg toggs purple pad around my neck?  Well, you can find them at many stores, but we purchased ours on amazon  It may look silly, but let me tell you, during the hot and humid Florida months, this pad was shared throughout our entire family of four and it saved us...cooling us off and keeping us comfortable.  These little tips and tricks I love sharing with my clients.  I want to be happy in Disney and I certainly want my clients happy and comfortable too.


4.  I'll share with you my favorite rides...which ones to go on when you need some "sit down" time, which ones to go on in the beginning of the day, which ones to save for later...which ones to use for your Fast pass + reservations.  Here I am enjoying Spaceship Earth with my son, Reilly.  It's inside the big "golf ball" in front of Epcot.  We always try to make silly faces for this.  I rather enjoyed my antlers and bald head that were captured.



Coral Joy Travel, Spaceship Earth
Spaceship Earth, Epcot


As I said earlier, I love having fun while in Walt Disney World all, it's the Most Magical Place on Earth!  In this clip, I'm walking from our resort just outside of Epcot, The Beach Club, through England en route to ride our favorite Test Track ride in Future World.  I cannot say enough great things about this resort.  It is one of Disney's Deluxe resorts, but the perks of walking to Epcot in five minutes and Hollywood Studios in 20 minutes is such a gift rather than waiting in line for a bus.  There are even ferry boats that take you to either of those parks.  From Beach Club, we even walked through Epcot to take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.  We only used buses for Animal Kingdom Park and Downtown Disney.  We love the Beach Club!


5.  I'm a Mom...and that means I know the realities of dirty laundry.  My husband was with me to do the laundry too, but I wanted to share that yes, even while on vacation, you very well may need to clean your clothes.  I always share with my clients to bring their own detergent (I usually bring the pods) and I used to bring quarters...but it looks like now you can just use a credit card.  That surprised me this time!  I wish you could just use your magic band, but not yet.  I like head to the laundry room early in the morning or later at's never FUN, but if you have to do it...just do it.  Clean clothes are better than...well, you know.

Walt Disney World, Fantasyland, Coral Joy Travel
Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World sum it all up, it will save you a ton of time and energy to use a Disney Authorized Agency to plan your next trip.  Let an agent who is educated and trained in all things Disney help you out.  I highly recommend myself, (Coral), to plan for you...she is punctual and dedicated, and a talented agent, and she just plain old likes to plan specific itineraries for her clients!  Again, her services are FREE for you to use!  She gets her payment from Disney, or any venue that she books for her clients.

Don't feel like you're in outer space all alone...let me help you plan your next trip!  I know the orbit, I know how to create the most magical adventure for you and your family.  Contact me and let's start planning something amazing...your adventure awaits!

Mission Space, Walt Disney World
Mission Space, Coral Joy Travel, Epcot



I’m a proud Mom


I am a proud Momma.  So. Very. Proud.  I respect these kiddos going back to school.  A new year.  New teachers. New expectations.  I remember it vividly….and let me tell you, I’m happy I’m not in their shoes again.  School is tough.  I am proud of these kids, my kids mostly (sorry ya’ll).  They work hard on a daily basis.  As adults, we work hard too…but these kiddos are learning how to work hard.  It’s tough on them. I have to remind myself of that sometimes.


So, yes, I am a proud Mom watching my kids go back to school today for the new year.  I couldn’t be blessed with “better” children.  They are unique, they are spirited, they are mine and I am so lucky.


Don’t forget ya’ll, I am a travel agent and I can search for trips to surprise your children with this spring break 2016 or summer 2016…it’s never too early to start planning…and my services are FREE for you.  All of my searching and planning doesn’t cost you a penny or a dime or a quarter.  It’s a win, win for you and for me.

So…for all of you proud Momma’s and Poppa’s out there who want to surprise your kiddos with a trip next year 2016, contact me!  I am here to help…your adventure awaits!

follow me on Facebook: you don’t want to miss my important posts!!  Good deals are always shared on my pages!  Have a great day people!!

Returning From Vacation…


It's so hard returning from a vacation.  Laundry.  Unpacking. Making dinner.  Making my bed.  Going through the mail.  It's all so icky and unpleasant.  These are the realities we all face when coming home from a vacation.


The best part of vacations are the memories made.  Hopefully when you are on vacation, you will have  had a lot of opportunities to take pictures and just relax and reconnect.  On our most recent trip to Walt Disney World a few days ago, we took advantage of the Memory Maker photo opportunity (more on this in a later blog post).  We didn't want to carry around our camera for the entirety of our trip, so we purchased this ahead of time and took full advantage of it's perks.  While at Walt Disney World, there are hundreds of photographers stationed around the parks, rides and restaurants waiting to take your pictures.  Simply ask and you shall have great family photographs added to your online album.  With Memory Maker you can download all of these pictures to use and share from your trip.  It was a great option for our family.  We had over 400 photographs taken in 7 days.  These memories are captured forever, for us to treasure.


So...although we are officially home from our family vacation, I am enjoying the memories we shared together by looking through our photos and just taking a minute or two to reflect on our fun explorations.

I am also going to share with you all this fine tidbit...if you are going to Walt Disney World and LOVE exploring Epcot, you will LOVE to stay at the Beach Club is amazing!  The pool is incredible and massive and it includes a lazy river for all to enjoy.  The best features for me were the five minute walk to the back entrance (by France) of Epcot and the 20 minute walk to Hollywood Studios.  They also have an incredible seafood buffet, Cape May, which is unbelievable!!  I'll be writing a unique blog post on the Beach Club resort, but wanted to throw it in here as well...what can I say?  It's a memory that makes me happy to share with you all!


So...even though we are home from our vacation, our memories will last a lifetime.  I'm already planning Walt Disney World trips for several families for next springtime.

If you'd like some help planning a Walt Disney World trip or any other trip for that matter, please reach out to me:  it's what I LOVE to do!

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Have a great day!


Coral Joy Travel is Hard at Work…(and play!)


Good Morning! Coral O’Buckley, from Coral Joy Travel reporting from sunny, hot and humid Orlando, Florida this week with the help of my handy dandy blogging site!

As a full service travel agent, it’s important for me to always research and do “field work” visiting different destinations and that’s what I am doing this week while I am visiting Sea World, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.

As a travel agent, all of my travel planning services are FREE which comes in very handy at Walt Disney World especially. As an authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I can help everyone make their experience at Disney World, more magical than ever with my handy tips and tricks.

If you know of anyone heading down to Orlando in the future, please consider sharing my information with them.   Thanks guys!

Coral Joy Travel…Your Adventure Awaits!