It’s Time to Plan Your Family Trip for Spring Break!


November is just around the corner.  With that comes Thanksgiving, the Holiday’s, then New Year’s and Valentine’s Day.  Winter is coming.  Those of you living in the north (East, Central or West) will be living the cold, blustery winter that I know so very well.


Spring Break is always a welcome escape from the cold.  Getting away for a week in February or March is a “must” for some.  Especially those with school age children.  Vitamin D is so powerful.  Our family likes to getaway during spring break on a cruise, or head to Florida for some rays of sunshine.  What do you like to do on your spring break?IMG_2339

If you’d like, I can quote your family options within all budgets for your 2016 spring break.  Contact me, honestly quoting trips is what I do and enjoy doing.  Using my travel planning services are FREE.  I am here to help you find the best value for your family in your unique travel experiences.  It’s what I pride myself in, finding a perfect fit for you.

IMG_3041So, if you have been thinking about planning a spring break trip, but don’t know where to start, or don’t have the time or energy to start…reach out to me.  I am here for you.  IMG_3034

Email me at or you can fill out the quote form on my homepage.  All I need from you is: ages of travelers (at time of travel), destination (ideas if you aren’t sure) dates you’d like to travel and the budget you have in mind (if you don’t know, that’s perfectly fine!).

Let me add value to your next Spring Break Vacation.

Your Adventure Awaits!

Saint Lucia, Anyone?


Saint Lucia is paradise and is the perfect destination, whether you're after romance, rejuvenation or family adventure.  I am thrilled to share information about this beautiful, unique island.  Sandal's resorts offer three incredible resorts to stay while vacationing in Saint Lucia.

There are a variety of water sports, scuba, shopping, snorkeling and hiking activities right at your fingertips.  The weather is always incredible as well.  Click on this link below to learn more about a great supplier I work with sharing more information about this beautiful island and the Sandals' resorts.

I'd love to be in paradise right about about you?  Contact me if you'd like more information about Saint Lucia, Sandal's resorts, or if you have another vacation destination on your mind. or call or text 845-214-4983

Your Adventure Awaits!

Travel Agents Are Valuable!


Travel agents are valuable.  They are helpful with planning and research.  There.  I said it.

More and more people are turning towards using a travel agent to help them prepare for their upcoming vacations.  There are so many benefits to using them and the word is getting out...thank goodness.  Travel agents are indeed helpful! Sure you can do this on your own, but when times get rough, and the unexpected's nice knowing you have someone on your side to help fix it.

I love my job as a travel agent.  I am one of those rare individuals who looks forward to getting up, pouring a cup of coffee and going to work every morning. I have a 19 step commute to my home office where I connect, research, quote and help my new and returning clients. I get to help my clients explore the world, check items off their bucket lists, relax, share life changing memories with their loved ones and come home with suitcases full of amazing experiences and memories .

Coral Joy Travel, travel agent

So...if you're new to using a travel agent, have no are gaining a troubleshooter, a personal vacation babysitter and most likely a new found friend to trust with your travel.  Travel agents are here to help indeed.

Travel agent
Coral Joy Travel, Travel Agent

Happy agent=happy clients!  Contact your dependable travel agent, Coral from Coral Joy Travel and Magical World Vacations...your adventure awaits!!

Is Europe on Your Bucket List?


So many people, young and old(er) want to visit Europe in their lifetime.  With the many amazing cities to travel to like Paris, London, Dublin, Florence, Sevilla, Venice and lots others…it’s no surprise!

As a travel agent, I can help you target the best times to travel to Europe for both your hotel rates and your airfare.  I want to get you the best deals for this adventure because it is what I would want too as a traveler.  If you would like more information about any of these cities in Europe, or another city that’s not listed, please feel free to contact me.  I would love to help you see that traveling to Europe is possible.


…and if you want to see more than one city and/or country while you’re in Europe, you might want to consider taking a tour.  There are so many wonderful tour companies available for travel agents to recommend…some are less, some are more, but ALL that I recommend are wonderful.

If Europe is on your bucket list (or you know someone who’s thinking about traveling there) and you’d like to see how much a trip would cost in the future, contact me at to get a free quote.  I’m here to help.  I love to plan trips.  I work for my clients with positivity and a smile because I LOVE planning travel.
european-city-air-travel-sign-565990Your Adventure to Europe Awaits!

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It’s Time to Take a Tour!


Travel is about exploring the world. Whether you explore by cruise ship, a hiking expedition, a trip to Orlando, Florida or taking a tour out of the country, travel is about making memories and enjoying the moment.

Do you want to see parts of the world, but don’t know where to start?  Seek out a qualified travel agent to find you a tour that would fit your needs.  Tours offer a lot of benefits for travelers: provides you a local expert and guide, reduces stress, provides you people to hang out with (especially if you’re a solo traveler), gives you comfort and offers a lot of conveniences.  Oftentimes most meals are included in your tour itinerary too. Tour guides can really deepen your knowledge of the places you are traveling to as well.

I encourage my clients to consider taking a tour if they are interested in seeing multiple places in one trip, but remember, this is your trip.  If your tour group is visiting a local pasta making restaurant and you want to visit a museum to see your favorite artist Van Gogh, then do what you want…but just make sure you are back in time to meet your group before your next departure.  You can make the tours work for you…talk to your travel agent about where you’d like to visit and let him or her let you know what’s available.  There are so many different level/budgets for tours.



Adventures By Disney offers many tours around the world and they are top notch.  No, it’s not a mickey mouse tour, but it is established by the Disney company which means expect superior service.  My family will be taking a tour in Italy with Adventures By Disney…keep posted.  I cannot wait to review this personally.  While my children make pasta, I’ll be sipping wine and tasting local cheeses…sound like heaven to you?  It does to me.

Tours have come a long way…they are not merely “stuck on a bus tours” (like in NYC), they are exploration and integration in new countries and cities around the world.  Ireland, Germany, Amalfi coast, Italy, Greece, England…and the list goes on…tours are all around the world and for everyone’s budget.

Have any interest in taking a tour?

Contact Coral today at

Your TOUR Adventure Awaits!


Everyone Can Benefit from a Little Motivation


IMG_1507Do you know someone who has been injured or is recovering from an illness or surgery?  I do.  My son has injured himself in soccer and is finding himself needing to be on crutches and in physical therapy for the next year with surgery most likely in the future.  Watching him in pain is difficult, but knowing he will recover is what matters most.  Will it be difficult?  Yes.  Could he use a little motivation with something to look forward to?  You bet.

IMG_1481As a travel agent, one of my jobs is making sure my clients are fully pleased and satisfied with their vacations.  I  plan family trips, cruises, honeymoons and special celebrations, but can also help plan a future trip for when my clients heal or are fully recovered from an injury or illness.  Something for them to look forward to.  Something they've always wanted to do or something they merely love to do.  For my son, he wants to go back to the Caribbean.  Done.  We are planing a trip for him to enjoy (with us of course!) after he's fully recovered.  It's worth all the hard work and effort he will put forth.  You don't have to break the bank either.  I can help you find places close to home that don't involve air travel, but maybe a museum or a tour that you can enjoy with a weekend stay at a hotel.  It's the little things that make the most difference and can be most motivational.

IMG_2991So, if you know of someone who is healing right now and might need a little excitement in the future, consider sharing my contact information with them.  You can say "I know of a travel agent who has been planning motivational vacations for people who are healing...if you'd like I can share her information with you.  She doesn't charge a cent to her clients...maybe there's a place she can look into for you.  It'll be something for you to look forward to while you recover and heal".


Coral Joy Travel...everyone's ADVENTURE AWAITS!