Be Prepared…Traveling for Turkey Day


Today, the day before Thanksgiving, is the BUSIEST travel day of the year.

Just be prepared and be careful.

If you're driving to your destination, take extra time and be extra cautious.  You have precious cargo.

If you are flying to your destination, put a smile on your's going to be a whirlwind at the airports.  Again, just be prepared and know that you and your thousand + new best friends WILL depart for your destination.  You may, however, experience some delays with air traffic being extremely high.

IMG_4853Tomorrow is the day we're all looking forward to...the smells, the sights, the sounds...the joys of new memories being made and old memories being reflected upon.  Happy Thanksgiving from Coral Joy Travel.  We all have much to be thankful for.IMG_1027

Safe travels to my clients this week!

Your Thanksgiving Adventure Awaits!

5 Reasons to Visit Epcot, Walt Disney World During 2016!

Epcot Disney

There are so many reasons to visit Walt Disney World no matter what year, but 2016 is going to be spectacular!  I love visiting Epcot.  My kids, both teens, love it too, but for different reasons.  For one, the rides.  There are some spectacular rides at Epcot (Test Track, Mission Space, Spaceship Earth, Sum of All Thrills (if you like a thrill, do this!), Soarin', Figment (what can I say?), and soon to be Frozen ride in Norway...and yes, there are many, many more.  What more?  The countries, the incredible attention to details in the foods and history and's incredible.  To end your day, watch'll be very happy you did.  Here are my top 5 reasons why you should visit Epcot in 2016!

IMG_5446 (1)
Epcot Disney

1.  If you have a FROZEN fan in your family, Maelstrom's revamped Frozen ride in Norway will be finished in early 2016!  "Let it go, let it can't hold it back anymore!!"  I know you, or someone you know will be excited about this opportunity!  I LOVED Maelstrom and have missed it while it has been "magicalized" (my new new word).  I am looking forward to seeing what Disney imagineers have done to make this a spectacular Frozen ride!

2.  "Diving" for a pearl in the Mitsukoshi store in Japan.  Have you always wanted to pick an oyster that has a pearl in it?  Well, now is your chance to do that!  No, you won't be diving in a tank, but you can choose your very own pearl and have the drums played while they open it for you!  Hey, you'll even learn how to count in Japanese!  It's such a fun keepsake and it it's affordable!

3.  "Drink" or "Snack" around the World in the Showcase...Begin in Canada (Or in Mexico) depending on which direction you start...and partake of a drink or a snack (or both!) from each country.  It's so much fun.  If you're with a friend, you might need to split the drinks/snacks towards the's a lot!  (You decide the "kind" of drinks that work best for you).  That's not for me to decide for you 🙂



4.  Stop by that incredible pyramid in Mexico, get your photo taken in front, and then walk inside.  On a hot day, it's nice, cool and dark inside.  Also you will get to experience the market atmosphere and see lots of different, affordable goodies you can buy to share with your loved ones.  I LOVE it inside the pyramid.  You can try on ginormous Mexican hats, like everyone else who walks by, and get your silly photographs taken.  If you're really feeling adventurous and over 21, you can even try a flight of tequila shots...depends on how adventurous you're feeling, of course!  It's a great place to relax and unwind and enjoy the ambiance of Mexico.


5.  Test Track is newly redesigned and I LOVE it, but "Soarin' Around the World" will be BRAND NEW in Spring 2016! Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World will be getting new projectors and screens, and Walt Disney World will be adding a third theater!  This is great news as Soarin is always a popular FASTPASS+ ride!  What do guest get to look forward to?  Views of the most notable landmarks of the World, including the Great Wall of China and's going to be a high flying adventure!


So, when you're ready to book your next Walt Disney World trip, make sure to visit Epcot!  You'll be happy you did!

If you want some Disney guidance and help, contact me, I'm here to help!


Walt Disney World Play, Stay and Dine Package Offer

Whenever you can coordinate a trip to Walt Disney World with a special promotion, you will save money!  Right now, until 12/13/15 certain dates qualify for the "Play, Stay and Dine Package".  What does this package include exactly?  Well, it covers your resort stay, tickets to the park and a dining package!  That's right, your food would be included in the cost of your package!  This is HUGE.


Let me give you an example:

For a family of four: 2 adults, 2 kids (5,8)

Disney's Pop Century Resort (Value)

Preferred room with 6 day ticket and Quick Service Dining plan $2,811.72

Airfare is additional.


It's a great promotion to have the FREE DINING.

You can get a discount on a vacation package of at least 3 nights that includes a dining plan and at least 2-day tickets. You must check in between 12/13/15 – 12/19/15 or 1/2/16 – 3/7/16 to be eligible for this offer.  The discount varies based on resort type (Value, Moderate or Deluxe).


When you book this offer for a Value resort, like in the example above, it includes a quick service meal plan. However,  booking this offer for a Moderate or Deluxe resort, it will include a standard dining plan. In either case, you can upgrade the dining plan to a higher level plan, including the Deluxe dining plan, simply by paying the difference in price.

Take advantage of these great Disney promotions...especially the Play, Stay and Dine (FREE DINING) is worth it with all of your savings.

Your Adventure Awaits!

Happy 87th Birthday Mickey Mouse!

mickey mouse birthday
Happy Birthday to Mickey Mouse!

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!  Walt Disney Studios produced the black and white short film, Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928.  This short film, created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks...debuted our favorite, iconic mouse, Mickey Mouse for the very first time to the public.


So, happy 87th birthday to Mickey mouse today!  If you're in one of Disney's theme parks, cruises, tours or resorts, be sure to give Mickey a squeeze.  It's all because of that mouse (and the man behind him!).

If you want to go on a Disney adventure, please contact me at as I specialize in all Disney vacations.

If you're interested in vacationing somewhere other than Disney, Coral Joy Travel can help you with that as well!  Give a call, or share an email and let Coral Joy Travel help add value to your upcoming vacation!

~Your Adventure Awaits!

How to Plan a Walt Disney World Vacation!

How can you plan a Walt Disney World Vacation?  Where do you start?  What do you need to look up? What times should you travel?

Have you been thinking about taking your family to Walt Disney World, but don't know where to start?

Walt Disney World Coral Joy Travel Agent
Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Coral Joy Travel

Well, I am here to make that magic happen for you, at no additional cost!  My name is Coral, and I am Specialized Disney Travel Agent with Magical World Vacations.  Helping families plan and prepare for their Walt Disney World vacation, is what I love most about my job.  Itinerary planning, dinner reservations, fastpass reservations, hotel and ticket accommodations, this is all a part of what I do for my clients, to add value to their Disney adventure.  Plus I always add in a touch of pixie dust...because I love Disney magic.

Mickey Mouse, Coral Joy Travel
Mickey Mouse, Tusker House, Animal Kingdom, Coral Joy Travel

Did you know that it's just $200 to reserve your Disney World trip? Then you can make payments as you like! No set schedule!

2015 trips are due 45 days before check in, but 2016 trips are due 30 days before check in!

If you'd like me to take a moment to quote you rates for your family, please email me with your name, dates of travel, ages of travelers and how many days you'd like to visit the park...and leave the rest to me. It doesn't hurt to know what the rates are for your Spring Break or Summer break of 2016.  Maybe you are thinking of visiting during Christmas vacation?  There still are some rooms available!  I am here to help you.

Request your quote at and let's plan your magical adventure today!

 Your Disney Adventure Awaits!

A Family Adventure in New York City

I am a mother of two sons.  Two wonderful teenage boys who, most days, would much rather NOT be heading to a museum.  Being the Mom I am, however…I “drag” them as often as I can.

So today, my better half and I took the train into the city with my eldest son on crutches and youngest son head held high realizing he is finally taller than I.

Upon arriving at Grand Central Terminal, we booked an uber car to take us to the American Museum of Natural History  We explored the Space, Rocks and Minerals, NYS, African Wildlife, Ocean and Bodies exhibits.


Because of Ryan’s injury, we were able to push him around in a wheelchair from the museum!  They’re free to “borrow” during  your stay.  All you need to do is leave your license with them.  Fortunately I received mine back!


We were all pretty intrigued watching CNN set up in the bottom half of the Ocean exhibition hall.  The CNN Heroes event is going to be filmed rather soon and it’s looking mighty impressive so far.  Anderson Cooper is hosting this annual event and is celebrating heroes who have changed the world through their passion.  Pretty awesome, huh?


We thought this was worth taking a photo of.  Wingdale is just over the hill from our little town.  I also liked that the description to the right of this (not photographed) called the rocks “deformed”.  Am I surprised that we grow deformed rocks in Dutchess County?  Um…

Up close and personal with a deformed rock from Wingdale, NY.  “nuff said.

After adventuring throughout the museum, our tummies were a tad bit rumbly, so we headed for our favorite noodle shop, Ippudo.


We always have our delicious pork bun appetizer and finish with a tasty bowl of noodles.  Honestly, if you haven’t gone before and like this kind of food, give it a try.  It’s worth the wait.


Pork Hirata Buns…best appetizer ever!


My delicious bowl of noodles, chives, mushrooms, spices and extra deliciousness rolled into one.

I am glad that we were able to take a short adventure in New York City today with the men.  Living so close to the city, it’s such a resource to take advantage of.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend too.  Did you go on any adventures?  I’d love to hear about them.  Being a travel agent, I am passionate about all places.  My heart belongs to the Caribbean and to Walt Disney World…but I’m always exploring new destinations.

Thanks for allowing me to share my fun adventure.

Where will you adventure to next?

comment below!



Do You Know Someone Wanting to go to Walt Disney World?


Walt Disney World, Anyone?

If you do, then you might find yourself sporting a piece of handcrafted, recycled fine silver jewelry made by me.Coral Joy Jewelry,  has a vast collection of nature inspired, customized recycled fine silver jewelry and you can ONLY get a piece through the artist Coral herself.


I need your help expanding my Disney clientele base.  If you refer a friend/relative/yourself to me and they book a qualified Walt Disney World trip (Disney room and tickets), I will send you a piece of Coral Joy Jewelry.  It's my way of saying a "HUGE THANK YOU!"
IMG_3920 Planning for Disney trips is what I do and love.  I especially love planning trips for first time visitors...there are so many questions and if I don't have all the answers immediately, I will get them for you!  I plan all of your dining reservations, your fast passes, your room and tickets...I do it all for no additional cost.

ThiAK_BRDGTOP_7451856090s incentive is good through the end of December 2015 so put your thinking caps on to get free, fine silver jewelry from me!  You can't get it anywhere else!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR DISNEY HELP!

Share my contact information:



PHONE: 845-214-4983

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-Your Disney Adventure Awaits!


Walt Disney World Travel Planning Help!

You can use a Walt Disney World Specialized Travel Agency to help plan YOUR next Disney adventure!  Magical World Vacations is a Disney "Earmarked" Travel Agency and we have EARNED the title "Authorized Disney Vacation Planners", but what exactly does that mean?

Magical World Vacations, Disney Travel Agency

It makes me proud to be a part of Magical World Vacations Travel Agents.  We are proud that Disney has awarded us with the title of Authorized Disney Vacation Planners. It honestly is an honor to be chosen as one of Disney's top agencies for Walt Disney World.  To let you know,  to be chosen, we have attended training classes, visited the parks, cruised the seas and demonstrated a dedication to planning Disney vacations for several years.  It is a testament to our teams'  hard work and our love of all things Disney.

It makes me proud to be a part of this team of travel agents.

EM_LogoNoTag4C-1Using me as your Disney Specialized Travel Agent, you will have my email and can ask any questions, contacting me day or night with any concerns. I deal directly with Disney for you and all payments go directly to Disney. My services are complimentary, yes, FREE!  Using a specialized agent will not cost you any additional money!

I will continue to look for new discounts for you and send out updates and info, helpful for planning. Having the same person as your Disney contact is so helpful, if you plan on your own, you get someone new every time you call Disney, not very personal or efficient.  And, most importantly, if a better deal comes out that can save you money, I will pro-actively seek you out to tell you about the money-saving opportunity and change your reservation for you. If you book through Disney itself, you can be darn sure they won't be calling you to tell you their prices went down!  Magical World Vacations, specialized agents do exactly that!

Walt Disney World, Coral Joy Travel" src="" alt="Walter Elias Disney" width="161" height="215" /> Walt Disney World, Walt Disney, Hollywood Studios

Thinking about taking your family down to Walt Disney World in 2016?  Reach out to me and I will be happy to quote some trips for you.  It's what I love to do.


Your Walt Disney World Adventure Awaits!  I will be with you every step of the way!

Walt Disney World" src="" alt="Coral Joy Travel, Walt Disney World" width="484" height="323" /> Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World

How about a Surprise Weekend Getaway?


Take the time to surprise someone you love!  Sometimes it’s all you need to relax and rejuvenate with your significant other, taking that much needed break for a weekend adventure.

How about surprising your wife (or husband) with a two night stay in Boston, MA or NYC?  For those local to me, these are great options…for those of you spread around the country, there are plenty of close destinations we can explore to surprise your significant other!  Heck, maybe you want to surprise your sister or brother!  No matter who you want to surprise on this weekend getaway, Coral Joy Travel can help with all of the planning and fun.

I LOVE surprises!  so. very. much.

When you are ready to have some help planning your Surprise Weekend Getaway, contact me,  Remember, all of my travel planning services are complimentary, and the value of your weekend getaway will be just what you need.


Your Surprise Weekend Adventure Awaits!