Happy Holiday’s from Coral Joy Travel

Happy Holiday's from Coral Joy Travel.

It's been quite a fun 2015 year for me.  Starting my new career as a travel agent in August has been so fulfilling.  Working with clients and creating the perfect vacation for their needs is what I love doing.  Thank you for allowing me to help you design, plan and organize your vacation.

When you are wanting to take another vacation, reach out to Coral Joy Travel again.  It is my pleasure serving you, finding you the best opportunities, and adding value to your upcoming adventure.


Here's to an incredible new year of 2016...thanks again!



5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money at Walt Disney World, IF you Plan in Advance...

Everyone wants to save money on their Disney vacation!  While you're on vacation, if you prepare in advance, you CAN save money.  Here are five things to pack before traveling to Walt Disney World:


  1. Mini First Aid Kit: Does anyone else seem to get sick on Disney vacations? For a “just in case”, pack a Mini first aid kit, which includes: band-aids, Tylenol/Advil (adults and/or kids), thermometer, tums, cough medicine. I don’t know why, but it always seems someone is getting sick while we vacation…maybe it could be we are traveling with thousands of our closets friends in rides where we have to constantly touch that which has been touched of sick people…could that be it? Just come prepared. Sure you can buy meds at the gift store at any Disney hotel, but those prices will not be like you see at your home pharmacy. Save money and pack these necessities in advance.
  2. Food: If you want to save a lot of money, pack a lot of snacks and easy breakfast foods for your family. Boxes of cereal bars, small boxed cereals, 6 packs of applesauce, trail mixes, and don’t forget the sweets: lollipops for waiting in longer lines, gum (not sold on Disney property) and anything else your family might like. Bringing your own food for snacking and breakfasts will drastically save you money and it really doesn’t take that much space up in your suitcases…and just think, when you head home, you’ll have so much more space left for souvenirs that you might have picked up while visiting the parks.STUDIO_SUNSET2_7449423970
  3. Ponchos: It rains in Florida. If you want to save money at Disney, don’t be the family who is stuck buying Walt Disney World Ponchos while on property, come prepared. Those ponchos will set you back $10 a pop AND you will look like 90% of the other Disney visitors…if prepare and pick up your own at home, you can get a bright color like blue, yellow or red (like me!) and stand out. This comes in handy when you have younger kids…they are easy to spot.
  4. Water Bottles: There’s no need to spend money on bottled water while on a Disney vacation if you bring your own water bottles with you. If you go into any counter service on property and ask for a cup of water, they will happily present you with one, for free. Then all you have to do is put it in your water bottle. If you or the kids want a little change from water, bring some flavored water packets like crystal light lemonade, to add to your water. This will save you a lot of money. When you’re in Florida, no matter what time of year, you need to drink a lot of water.
  5. Laundry Supplies: Nobody wants to do laundry during vacation, but if you have to limit the amount of clothes in your luggage, you’ll find yourself needing to clean them. Come prepared. Bring your own laundry detergent. I usually bring laundry pods as they are easily transported. If you need your dryer sheets, bring them too. This will save you a lot of money. You used to need to bring quarters to do your laundry, but this year they have switched it to your room card. That makes things a lot easier.EM_LogoNoTag4C-1

So, there you have it…five ways to save money while on your Disney vacation.   Keep coming back for more tips and tricks to enjoying your Walt Disney World Vacation. Contact me if you would like my expertise planning your next Walt Disney World trip. Coralo@magicalworldvacations.com


Your Walt Disney World Adventure (with savings!) Awaits!


Walt Disney World Free Dining Promotion Ending Soon!

Walt Disney World Free Dining Promotion Ending Soon!Walt Disney  World Free Dining

Want to head to Walt Disney World with Free Dining?  Then now is the the time to book a spring 2016 Disney vacation!

Having a FREE DINING offer at Walt Disney World is huge!  Very huge indeed.  Imagine having a counter service lunch and sit down dinner and a snack every day while on vacation.  I have had the opportunity to take advantage of FREE DINING promotions at Walt Disney World on a few occasions and love it.  There's always enough food, I'm never feeling hungry and the best part is, I don't have to pay any additional money for food while on vacation...win, win!

Well you can take advantage of this special promotion for a few more days...December 23, 2015 is the last day to book a vacation with only a $200 deposit.  I can help you with all of this and any questions you might have along the way.
It's called the Play, Stay, Dine and SAVE promotion at Walt Disney World!

Travel Window:
Jan. 2-March 7, 2016 select dates

Everyone wants to save money on a vacation and it is possible to save while at Walt Disney World.

Save $300 on a room, ticket, and Quick Service Dining Plan package at a Value Disney Resort hotel.
Save $500 on a room, ticket, and Disney Dining Plan package at a Moderate or Deluxe Disney Resort hotel.

I'm here to help plan your next Walt Disney World vacation.  Reach out to me at coralo@magicalworldvacations.com today and let's start planning your next vacation together!

Why Should YOU Go On a Viking River Cruise?

Viking River Cruise, LongshipHave you ever considered taking a Viking River Cruise?
Why should you take a Viking River Cruise?  To see the world, of course!  I am big fan of cruises.  I have cruised all over and absolutely love it.  Cruising on Oceans, that is…but there is a different type of cruising that is offered and it’s River Cruising!

Viking River Crusing

Viking, is a River Cruising front runner, that gets a lot of accolades  from it’s clients because of what they offer.  My travel agency, Magical World Vacations, has helped many families plan their River cruising experience with  Viking River Cruises.  The best part of river cruising is the fact that there won’t be any issues with motion sickness!  Some people, are very sensitive to motion sickness on Ocean cruisers, but they won’t have issues while river cruising, which is a great perk.

What’s included in a Viking River Cruise?  A lot, quite frankly…all meals, at least one tour for each port, complimentary onboard internet services, complimentary wine, beer and soda, onboard activities, shore excursions and much more!  Traveling with Viking River Cruises, you’ll find there are no surprises or hidden fees.

If you’d like more information on Viking River Cruises, click on this link http://www.vikingrivercruises.com/cruise-destinations/index.html to learn a little more about itineraries and opportunities offered.

Also, if you’d like additional information and would like a Viking River Quote, reach out to me at coralo@magicalworldvacations.com and I will look into a river cruising adventure for you.  Let me know the destinations you’re looking to visit and the timeframe you’re available to travel and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Remember, using my travel agent services are absolutely complimentary.  I am your destination travel resource, here to help add value and increased knowledge for your next vacation…and I have your back throughout your entire trip if you need anything, I am here for you.

Your Viking River Cruise Adventure Awaits!


Happy Families Stick Together No Matter The Weather

Happy families stick together no matter the weather.  

It's hard to believe that December is here...and it's already in full swing.  We have been lucky that the weather, so far, has been pretty mild in our spot of New York.  Phew.  I think that the 10 day forecast even has a bit of the 50's in it!  Crazy...but I'll take it!

Whatever the weather brings, I'm lucky that my family can find fun activities to keep us entertained.  The photo below is my family in full red poncho gear at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  It might have been in the 90's, but it was a wet day in Orlando at the end of August...but that never stops us from having fun.  You just need to be prepared for whatever the weather brings your way.


Wherever you are and whatever the weather brings your way, always make it an adventure.  Happy December from Coral Joy Travel.  I wish I was in the rain at Disney's Hollywood Studios right now, instead I'll enjoy this simple memory reminder...

Take the time to capture moments on your vacations through photography.  They'll bring a smile, a memory, a glimmer of happiness throughout your lifetime.  That value is absolutely worth it. Remember, happy families stick together, no matter what!

Your Adventure Awaits!

Contact me when you're ready to visit any destination with warmer weather... I am always here to help.