What Does Your Paradise Look Like?

Take me away!

Paradise.  The word means something different to everyone.  Isn’t that wonderful?  Mine is most likely different than yours.


What is your ideal vacation?  What does it look like?  What can you see around you?  Do you see the ocean and fine grains of sand?  Or are you surrounded by tall green trees and suspended by a wire on a zip line?  Is your paradise on a cruise ship, or is it exploring a foreign land?  What does it smell like?  Is it warm or is cool?  How do you feel while you are there? Are you relaxing or are you actively involved?

My job, as a travel agent, is to discover YOUR unique paradise and help you find the opportunity to explore that in the most affordable way….because I really care.  I care.  This may sound odd, but it’s so very true.  I treat my clients they way I would want to be treated.

How about Disney?

Paradise at Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World

Heading to Walt Disney World, just very well might be your paradise.  Visiting all of the four theme parks, visiting the water parks, exploring the shops and restaurants on property.  Yes, I could see how Disney could be your paradise.  As an authorized Disney vacation planner, I can help make that become a reality.

Is the Caribbean Your Ideal Vacation?

Paradise in St. Thomas at Coral World!
 St. Thomas at Coral World!

Maybe heading to a Caribbean island at an all inclusive resort is your ideal vacation.  Sinking your feet into the warm sand.  Sipping on a drink displayed in a pineapple?  Sounds like paradise to me, too!

No matter what or where your paradise is, I will be there every step of the way, helping you plan for your adventure.  Vacation is meant for you to relax and unwind from your every day life.  Let me help you.  I will most certainly add value to your next adventure.

Contact me: coralo@magicalworldvacations.com or call me at 845-214-4983.

~Your Adventure in Paradise Awaits~