Free dining has just been shared with Walt Disney World.  The time to act is now!

Free Dining, Walt Disney World

Yes, Walt Disney World just announced it’s FREE DINING promotion for the fall 2016- early winter 2106 select dates.

If you are interested in heading to the Orlando, Florida area during this time, it’s a great opportunity to save on dining…everyone loves this promotion and since it was just announced on April 25, 2016, many clients have SAVED money on their reservations.

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
Cinderella’s Castle, Magic Kingdom

There is nothing better than emailing a client and telling them they’ve saved money. If you are at all interested in heading down to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and might be flexible in your dates, contact Coral with Coral’s Magical World Vacations at  You can inquire to get free quotes for your Disney vacation. The great thing is that Coral, will walk with you every step of the way through your Disney planning process.  From finding the right Disney resort to deciding how many days you’d like to visit the theme parks, to dining and fast pass planning.  Every step of the way, Coral is there.  Check out Coral’s travel business Facebook page to read all of the reviews of her previous clients.  They were all thrilled with her dependability, work ethic, expertise and knowledge.  She get’s to know her clients and truly cares.

Coral Joy Travel, Walt Disney World
Coral Joy Travel and Walt Disney best buddies

Take advantage of heading down to Orlando, Florida and visiting Walt Disney World while enjoying your dining reservations for FREE.  It’s a win, win.  If you don’t have a travel agent that you currently work with, reach out to Coral O’Buckley, who will offer you impeccable customer service and value to your upcoming trip.  Email Coral at to look into a FREE quote.  It does NOT cost any extra to work with a travel agent, so reach out today!


Your Walt Disney World Adventure Awaits!

How Travel Agents Can Help You!


Travel agents can be so very helpful to clients wanting to take a vacation, especially if they don't have the time to spend researching all the best deals and opportunities.  People are very busy with work, activities and families.  Planning for a trip when you don't have the time can be  VERY stressful and simply overwhelming.  Let the professional travel agents help you with this.  They have travel suppliers that they use and trust and can most often find you the best deals out available to the general public.


Whether is be an all inclusive vacation to the caribbean, a cruise to Alaska, a tour to Europe visiting multiple cities, or a theme park destination, specialized travel agents can help "hold your hand" throughout the entire planning process.  Have a question, ask away!  A good travel agent will be readily available throughout the entire planning process via their cell phone, email or Facebook.

Some agents charge a fee, and some do not for this travel planning.  The reality is that every hotel, resort, cruise line, etc, has a travel agent fee stuffed into the total price. If you use a travel agent, this fee is paid to them, if you don't use a travel agent, you are paying for a service that you don't get any value from and the fees would be then given to supplier that you used to purchase the vacation (whether that is Expedia, Travelocity, or the hotel directly).  If you can find a reputable travel agent to help guide you through the process of your travel planning, one that you can trust and lean on, asking questions and getting answers, then use them.  Use that travel agent fee wisely and to the best of its ability.  Establish a relationship with them.  Travel agents can be a huge resource for you and can add value to your vacations in the future.


Travel agents CAN help you with your next vacation.  They aren't extinct and they can and will add value to your trip, IF you find one that cares and wants to sincerely help you.  Where can you find a reputable travel agent?  Ask for referrals  of friends or family who have used a great agent.  If you need a recommendation and you're looking for a travel agent who you can trust and can add incredible value to your next vacation, contact Coral O'Buckley, with Coral Joy Travel at or via Facebook at



Coral is an experienced vacation planner and travel agent, specializing in Cruises, All Inclusive Resorts, all Disney vacations and more.  If you have a specialized vacation you're looking to build, contact Coral today.  She is dependable, and readily available to make your dream vacation a reality.  Preparing and educating you is her priority.