5 BEST Rides to Visit at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

So, you are heading to Walt Disney World and want to visit Hollywood Studios?

img_8791How lucky are you?!  Hollywood Studios is a fantastic theme park to visit!  I am going to share with you the five best rides  at Hollywood Studios.  These five are must do's for sure.

1. So, let's start with a must do ride that all Star Wars fans want to hop onto: Star Tours!  Star Tours is a great ride to enjoy in Hollywood Studios.  The cue offers Disney Star Wars fans the opportunity to enjoy some star wars characters and ships.  It does get quite entertaining for a while and usually the lines go by pretty quickly for this ride.  You'll get to sport 3D glass too, which is always fun.  This ride does move side to side in a contained pod withIMG_7468 approximately 30 guests per pod and you'll be captained by C3PO, which is always entertaining!  When you're done, you'll be swept into a gift shop with lots and lots of Star Wars merchandise to drool over.  And if you have kids, they will beg for a light saber.  You have been forewarned!

img_85932. Another must do ride at Hollywood Studios is Tower of Terror!  This ride is so entertaining from the moment you walk into the Hollywood Tower Hotel.  It's like you're walking into the Twilight Zone...it's deserted and spooky.  You have to be at least 40 inches tall to ride this elevator experience....up and down you will go.  The feeling of weightlessness is amazing..no need to hold onto the handles beside your seat, the ride feels better to me if you keep your hands up Do you dare to ride this?  Definitely one of my favorites!

3. Right around the corner from the exit of Tower of Terror is Rock 'n' Rollercoaster by Aerosmith.  This rollercoaster launches you in your super stretch limo through the back streets of LA to get you to your concert in time.  The initial blast of 57 mph is all that you need to glide you through this smooth and exhilarating ride.  I LOVE this ride, especially the music that blasts throughout.  You will have your photo captured at initial blast off and you can view it when you end and get dropped off in the gift shop!  This height requirement is 48 inches.  Make sure your head is back when you start...it will jolt you and give you quite the headache if not.  Trust me 🙂

4.  Walking towards the Chinese Theater, which is now the main focus walking in from Hollywood Studios Entrance, is the  Great Movie Ride.  It's a fun "ride" where you sit and are driven by a cast member sharing with you some of the greatest movies and actors/actresses to date.  You will see many movie set recreations:  Wild West with John Wayne, Indian Jones, Jungle Book, Wizard of Oz, and Alien with Sigourney Weaver.  The last one does scare some kids because an alien does show it's face in the ceiling, but reassure them that nothing will jump out at them.  I love the cue for this ride because there is an enormous screen showing clips of the best movies from our past.  There is not a height requirement for this ride, but note that small children might be frightened in a couple spots during the ride.

img_87925. Last, but not least, the fifth ride that is a must do in Hollywood Studios is Toy Story Mania. This is such a fun ride, that you and your friend (2 people per car) can play and "compete" with each other trying to get the most points with Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  It's lots of fun and you'll find yourself smiling a lot throughout the entire ride!  Too infinity and Beyond...it's a blast of a ride!

I hope you found these ride selections helpful for you while visiting Hollywood Studios!

If you have any additional questions about Hollywood Studios or Walt Disney World, please don't hesitate to reach out to me: coral@coraljoytravel.com

I love all things Disney!

 Your Adventure Awaits!