7 MUST PACK Items for Disney Carryon


  1. IMG_4853Magic Bands- THESE are the MOST important “objects” beside yourselves, of course, to bring. These bands are your resort room key, entry into the themeparks, fastpass keeper, dining reservation keeper, room charging, etc…make sure these come with you. (IF you are using the free magical express from MCO airport to your Disney resort, you will need to have these with you at the Magical Express check in area)
  2. Medications/Epi-Pens- Any medications you will need during your stay, bring these with you in your carryon. You’ll be happy you did, especially if you need them.
  3. Swim suits/change of clothes- It might be a little bit of time before you get your checked luggage into your Disney resort room…make sure you have the ability to take a swim and/or change out of your traveling clothes when you get to your Disney resort.
  4. Chargers- We all depend on our phones, laptops, cameras…and you will want to use them…but if they are dead, that will make you sad. Bring along their chargers and charge while waiting in the airport…better yet, bring along a portable battery charger too (those are AWESOME!).

    Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
    Cinderella's Castle, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
  5. Snacks- If you have kiddos, you’ll understand the value of this recommendation of bringing along some snacks…or if you are like me and become Godzilla when you NEED food and don’t have any around, you’ll appreciate having a treat on hand.
  6. Books/Entertainment- Some of these flights are mighty long, and not all have inflight TV (love you Jet Blue), so bring coloring books, activity books, or just a good old book or kindle that you’re reading to keep your mind entertained while you wait to land in Orlando, FL.
  7. Hand sanitizers- Don’t get sick while visiting the most magical place on Earth…germs are all around the airports…wash those hands regularly and use hand sanitizers! It can’t hurt!

Now…go off and enjoy your Walt Disney World Vacation!

Your Adventure Awaits!

-Coral Joy Travel



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